Carolina Panthers UDFA Profile: WR Lamont Bryant


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I decided last week that I would take on the mammoth project of tiling my kitchen and bathrooms. Unfortunately, before I actually get to the tiling part, the original linoleum must be removed, and this has been a regrettable endeavor so far. Let’s just say that this slow and painful process seems very unattainable at the moment. WR Lamont Bryant could absolutely be thinking the same thing as he begins his own monumental task this week in mini-camp as he tries to make his NFL dreams come true with the Panthers. As it so happens, Carolina wasn’t his first stop. He’s already been shown the door by Baltimore, who snatched him up immediately following the draft.. The fact that the Ravens signed him as a UDFA in the first place was somewhat puzzling because they had just finished drafting Tommy Streeter, a virtual clone of Bryant, in the sixth round. Meet me after the jump for a closer look at this physical specimen.