Javone Lawson catching everything in sight, whether he’s catching it or not


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At least somebody in this game knows how to catch, or at least drop in convincing fashion.

ECU’s receivers have left approximately 87 points on the board in the New Orleans Bowl via their four bad, uncontested dropped passes so far. And in a barnburner likely to end with about 496 total points, that’s a pretty big deal.

One guy not explicitly dropping things: Louisiana’s Javone Lawson. He made a spectacular one-handed, hurtling grab in traffic on the Cajuns’ latest drive, complete with contact and everything, to set up another catch of his that was not quite a catch. It’s an impressive physical feat and all, but as you can see, the ball nudges the ground without clear possession at one point. This catch wasn’t even reviewed, perhaps out of respect for his previous catch. Also, perhaps out of mercy for ECU’s defense. Just get ’em off the field.

We’ve hit 38-31, thanks to a Lawson’s acrobatic catches, both the actual one and the excused one. Lawson now has 71 yards and a score.

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