NFL Combine / All-Star / Pro Day Training

Galaxy Sports is proud to work with Peterson's World Class Speed to train our athletes. Patrick Peterson, SR. is the founder and owner of World Class Speed, whose goals are to prepare and train athletes in all phases to maximize their potential at The NFL Combine/All-Star Game and their Pro Day. Training takes place at Lynn university and F.A.U. under the directions of professional trainers.

*We Provide a complete evaluation of each player to prepare them for their NFL career!!

Former NFL Player-Coaches Available:

Chad Pennington - QB's
Scott Bruener - QB's
Antonio Freeman - WR's
Stockar McDougle - OL
Jermome McDouble - OL
Channing Crowder - LB's
Sam Madison - DB's
D.J. McCarthy - WR/TE/RB
Louis Oliver - DB's
John Congemi - QB's/ESPN Announcer
Tony Thomas - Strength Coach

Combine Training Includes:

Transportation Services

We provide transportation to and from the airports as well as transportation to and from the hotel for training.

Hotel Accomadations

We provide hotel booking accomadations during training.

24hr Staff Availability

Our staff provides 24-hour availability during training.

3 Meals A Day

We provide 3 meals a day during training (Nutritionist will provide the basis for each meal depending on each player's needs.

Orthopedic Evaluation

We provide intial orthopedic evaluations (Dr. Gupta).

Chiropractic Evaluation

We provide initial chripropractic evaluations (Dr. Leon).

Massage/Physical Therapy

We provide massage and physical therapy sessions during training.

Media/Interview Preparations

We provide media and interview preparations during training.

Legal Advise

We provide legal advise and consultation during training.

Former NFL Coaches

We provide assistance from former NFL position coaches for each player.